Libreria di Netsaver

Libreria di Netsaver

J.L. Borges - Scandali della ragione
Odifreddi, Piergiorgio
JQuery Pocket Reference
Flanagan, David
"As someone who uses jQuery on a regular basis, it was surprising to discover how much of the library I’m not using. This book is indispensable for anyone who is serious about using jQuery for non-trivial applications." -- Raffaele Cecco, longtime de...
Jack lo Squartatore
Bloch, Robert
Sinossi"Il rapporto di Bloch con Jack lo Squartatore data da lungo tempo. 'The night of the Ripper' non è che l'omaggio più recente a un personaggio che mostra di averlo ossessionato da sempre e che, con molta probabilità, l'ha influenzato nel corso ...
Jacking e Sicurezza in Java
Bigatti, Massimiliano
Io Programmo [5]: Questo testo affronta la sicurezza nel mondo Java da due punti di vista: l’architettura della piattaforma, quali sono gli accorgimenti che la rendono sicura e quali le vulnerabilità strutturali e di implementazione che potrebbero re...
Jane Eyre
Brontë, Charlotte
A devoted readership will recognize Dame Darcy as the creator of highly original and off-kilter comic books. Here she uses her lavishly detailed illustrations to bring the best-loved Victorian novel Jane Eyre back into the spotlight. Darkly elegant i...
Java & Database
Paparoni, Federico
Io Programmo [1]: Era una notte buia e tempestosa del 1970, o almeno penso che lo fosse, quando Edgar Frank Codd incominciò a pensare che il modo giusto per gestire dei dati era quello di adottare un modello relazionale, immagazzinando varie informaz...
Java & XML
McLaughlin, Brett
While the XML "buzz" still dominates talk among Internet developers, the critical need is for information that cuts through the hype and lets Java programmers put XML to work. Java & XML shows how to use the APIs, tools, and tricks of XML to buil...
Java 2EE and XML Development
Gabrick, Kurt A. and Weiss, David B.
Geared toward experienced developers, this reference demonstrates how Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), and XML technologies can be used together to create more robust distributed applications and software systems. The use of XML technology...
The Java Enterprise Bookshelf
O'Reilly, Associates and O'Reilly, Inc
This new release is packed with seven top-selling titles for Java enterprise developers and can be accessed with any Web browser.
Java Programming in Android
Java Reference Library on the Web
Zukowski, John and Peck, Josh and Niemeyer, Patrick and Grand, Mark and Flanagan, David
Java Reference Library on the Web is a Java programmer's dream come true. It brings together on the Web five indispensable volumes for Java developers and programmers, linking related info across books. It includes: Exploring Java, 2nd Edition, Java ...
Java Server Faces 2.0
Java Tutorials A (basics)
Java Tutorials Sun [1]: Anthology containing: 1.Java Tutorials (basics) - Getting Started by SUN2.Java Tutorials (basics) - Learning The Java Language by SUN3.Java Tutorials (basics) - Essentials by SUN4.Java Tutorials (basics) - Collections by SUN5....
Java Tutorials B (Swing)
Java Tutorials Sun [2]:
Java Tutorials C (specialized trails and lessons)
Java Tutorials Sun [3]: Anthology containing: 10.Java Tutorials (specialized) - Networking by SUN11.Java Tutorials (specialized) - Extensions by SUN12.Java Tutorials (specialized) - Internationalization by SUN13.Java Tutorials (specialized) - JavaBea...
Java XML Programmer's Reference
O'Reilly, Inc and Jung, Eric and Cioroianu, Andrei and Writz, Dave and Akif, Mohammad and Brodhead, Steven and Hart, James David
Aimed at readers with some basic knowledge of Java and XML, Java XML Programmer's Reference provides an extremely useful reference and tutorial to virtually all of today's common Java XML APIs and tools, including those used in the emerging world of ...
Java and XML
Whitehead, Paul C. and Friedman-Hill, Ernest and Veer, Emily A. Vander and Veer, Vander
The authors teach the concepts, syntax and APIs (Application Program Interface) of Java. The text includes information about DTDs, datatypes, child data, cascading style sheets, XSL, data islands, ActiveX, metadata, JavaScript, Xlink and Xpointer.
Java with Spring
Java: The Fundamentals of Objects and Classes
Etheridge, David
An Introduction to Java Programming [4]:
Javascript Bible
Eich, Brendan and Goodman, Danny and Morrison, Michael
This new edition of the definitive guide to JavaScript has been revamped to cover the latest browsers, language updates, extensions, and JavaScript standardsPart tutorial and part reference, the book serves as a learning tool for building new JavaScr...
Javascript Demystified
Keogh, James Edward
Even if you have no programming experience, you'll learn to create dynamic, interactive Web pages with help from this easy-to-use, self-teaching guide. Author and programming instructor Jim Keogh covers the basics of this leading Web development lang...
Javascript Programmer's Reference
Wootton, Cliff
JavaScript Programmer's Reference documents JavaScript, JScript, and ECMAScript to the degree that they're standardized, and goes on to catalog the extensions major browser publishers have added to the languages. In essence, this book is a resource f...
Javascript by Example
Smelzo, Francesco
Io Programmo [2]: Con il Web 2.0 il paradigma dei servizi HTTP come richiesta/risposta sta a poco a poco sgretolandosi. Il client (ovvero il browser dell'utente), sempre più potente e la disponibilità di banda in aumento fanno sì che la pagina web si...
The Java® Language Specification
Gosling, James and Joy, Bill and Steele, Guy and Bracha, Gilad and Buckley, Alex
Jean van Heijenoort: Causa ed Affetto
Odifreddi, Piergiorgio
The Joe Show
Bisson, Terry
John Nunn's Chess Puzzle Book
Nunn, John
Most chess puzzle books put you in an artificial situation: you are told a combination exists, what the theme is and what you are required to achieve. This one is different. In a real game, a player may sometimes need to find a combination. On the ot...
John S Bell on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Bell, J. S. and Bell, Mary and Gottfried, Kurt and Veltman, Martinus
This book is the most complete collection of John S Bell's research papers, review articles and lecture notes on the foundations of quantum mechanics. Some of this material has hitherto been difficult to access. The book also appears in a paperbac...
Jolanda, la figlia del Corsaro Nero
Salgari, Emilio
SinossiLa giovane Jolanda, figlia del Corsaro Nero e di Honorata, duchessa di Wan Guld, morta in seguito al parto, giunge nel nuovo Mondo per impossessarsi dell'eredità materna. Durante il viaggio la ragazza viene rapita e Henry Morgan, ex luogotenen...
Jordan Operator Algebras
Hanche-olsen, Harald and Stormer, Erling
Jordan Operator Algebras by Harald Hanche-Olsen, Erling Størmer Publisher: Pitman 1984 ISBN/ASIN: 0273086197ISBN-13: 9780273086192Number of pages: 216 Description:This book serves as an introduction to Jordan algebras of operators on Hilbert space...
Joseph Andrews
Jude l'oscuro
Hardy, Thomas
Judgement and Planning in Chess
Euwe, Machgielis and Nunn, John
An edition of a work first published in the 1950s, updated and converted to modern chess notation, in which Max Euwe, World Champion 1935-37, provides instruction on key elements of chess strategy. The editor of this edition, a grandmaster, has added...
Just the Facts! Winning Endgame Knowledge in one volume
Lev, Alburt and Krogius, Nikolai
Nothing more clearly separates chess master from chess wannabe than winning endgame play. Accurate opening play can be satisfying, and combinations in the middlegame are exciting. But for most chess players, victory is the real finish line. And the e...