Libreria di Netsaver

Libreria di Netsaver

XML Bible
Harold, Elliotte Rusty
This fast-paced and thorough tutorial/reference contains everything an experienced web developer needs to put XML to work on established or new web sites. The book covers the fundamentals of the XML language, with emphasis on the creation of XML page...
The XML CD Bookshelf, Version 1.0
Harold, Elliotte Rusty and Means, W. Scott and Tidwell, Doug and Vlist, Eric van der and Brownell, David and McLaughlin, Brett and Burke, Eric M. and Ray, Erik T. and McIntosh, Jason
XML in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition By Elliotte Rusty Harold and W. Scott Means XSLT By Doug Tidwell XML Schema By Eric van der Vlist SAX2 By David Brownell Java & XML, 2nd Edition By Brett McLaughlin Java and XSLT By Eric M. Burke Perl &a...
XML Problem-Design-Solution
D'Cruz, Conrad and Ethier, Kay and Thomas, Michael D. and Amiano, Mitch
Offering a unique approach to learning XML, this book walks readers through the process of building a complete, functional, end-to-end XML solutionFeatured case study is an online business product catalog that includes reports, data input/output, wor...
XML Syntax Quick Reference
Mulberry Technologies,
XML, XSLT, Java and JSP
Rockwell, Westy
For more than 20 years, I have read books about software development. Many of these repeated information available to me elsewhere. Formerly, that information was often from magazines; recently its source is the Internet. A few books, refreshingly, w...
XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 Programmer's Reference
Kay, Michael
This book is primarily a practical reference book for professional XSLT developers. It assumes no previous knowledge of the language, and many developers have used it as their first introduction to XSLT; however, it is not structured as a tutorial, a...
XSLT and XPath: A Guide to XML Transformations
Gardner, John Robert and Gardner, James Robert and Rendon, Zarella L.
Using XSLT and XPath, developers can take full advantage of virtually any XML data in both Web applications and printed documents. Guide to XML Transformations: XSLT & XPath delivers a thorough understanding of the concepts and inner workings of ...
XSLT: Mastering XML Transformations
Tidwell, Doug
Have you ever needed to convert documents from XML to HTML ? Or from one XML vocabulary to another ? Extensible Stylesheet Transformations (XSLT) provide a critical bridge between XML processing and more familiar HTML, as well as between XML vocabula...